In the early part of 2015, a nationwide campaign was initiated by Cross in an effort to further recognize the broad spectrum of work being selflessly done by people of the nation's communities as volunteers and as advocates. All of the efforts of these individuals shared one common goal: to help improve their communities and help improve the lives of the people within them. Consequently, I was extremely touched to learn that I was one of the individuals nominated as one of those candidates. I was then overwhelmed to learn that out of all the people nominated, in late July of 2015 I had been awarded second prize. Therefore, proudly I accepted Cross's gift in recognition of the two most important people in my life: my dad --- Asa Senf Briggs --- and my uncle, my dad's best friend always, Charles H. Briggs. Below is a copy of that dedication that I was able to post on FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Thank you to all of you all for your continued love and support. HG Antonio Di Giovanni.

Thank You Cross Peerless