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Unlike any other non profit charitable organization in existence, C.H.A.R.M.E.D., Incorporated was specifically designed to ensure that at least 80% of every donation is used to help the people we are committed to serving, and not used to underwrite the salaries of those enlisted to aid in those pursuits. Furthermore, unlike any other non-profit organization, C.H.A.R.M.E.D., Incorporated is operated solely by volunteers. Would you rather pay salaries or help us build housing for homeless veterans, and find a cure cancer and AIDS?

As a veteran of the
United States Marine Corp, it is out of a sense of duty to my Country and our armed forces that our primary focus and our goal has become to help address the plight of 32,000 veterans each night: abolish homelessness. From personal experience, despite how many organizations my fellow veterans contacted for help, the only thing the salaried employees of both non profits and government agencies could say to them was, "I am sorry we can't help you." One veteran added that it was even more disheartening when an individual from a foreign country who had never served in the United States military conveyed the news that he was out of luck and would be sleeping on the street. The man -- working for the charitable organization -- however, wasn't homeless and sleeping on the street -- he had a job denying veterans housing.

Thus, with your help and commitment, we know by the end of 2019 we will have raised a
sufficient amount of monies to build our first center where veterans will have individual rooms to sleep and to live until permanent housing can be located. To donate, just click here. Although words of gratitude are definitely inspiring, financial resources are something that will do considerably more until there is a day that none of those who served is on the street. Please. We need you. We fought for you.

Our efforts will also continue to help underwrite life-saving medical treatment and research throughout the
United States for catastrophically and terminally ill children (and adults) battling, but not solely limited to, cancer and AIDS. Further, to underwrite aid to women battling breast cancer, as well as purchasing respite homes throughout the United States for families supporting loved ones undergoing treatment at various speciality treatment centers. Likewise, to advocate against health insurance companies and any other organization and/or firm that would deny any claim filed by an individual who is disabled and requires benefits, help and/or assistance. The success of our organization over the last thirty-five (35) years is due substantially to the generous help and support of retired judges, attorneys at law, Congressmen and Senators and a host of other individuals throughout the United States. Altruistic by nature, these individuals have provided invaluable assistance –– often at no cost –– to help us safeguard the rights of catastrophically and terminally ill children (and adults) to life-saving medical care throughout the United States.

Through programs such as
Jewelry For Life and the generous financial assistance of those we have partnered with, we are able to thrive in fulfilling our efforts. Too, because of these seamless collaborations, we are proud to boast that we have neither lost a case, claim, nor appeal in the last thirty-five (35) years.

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