In an ongoing effort to contribute to safeguarding of the earth's resources, we are proud to announce that we recently purchased a SMART CAR. Regardless of the rumors you have heard, we have never been so pleased with a purchase. Not only is the vehicle extremely wonderful to drive, the amenities are comparable to those we enjoyed in the luxury models we were introduced. Our SMART CAR, a mid range model, boasts an incredible sound system by BOSE. But it gets better: we now enjoying an average of 46 miles to the gallon. Too, the many people that have rode in the vehicle since its purchase comment that if they didn't know they were riding in a SMART CAR, they would swear it was a full size vehicle. So you might want to consider one especially for errands around town; it will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years and you will really be doing something wonderful for future generations.